Sorry Restroom Closed

We promise to leave the seat down.


You’re all a bunch of perverts!  That is what I would like to say to the ignorant who think transgender people want to go into the women’s bathroom just to prey on the unsuspecting.

The exact opposite is true, if we enter a men’s bathroom ‘en femme’ we are the targets.  Every year those who don’t fit the mold are subject to bullying and violence.  I don’t care if they call you a tranny, a geek, a squid, a queer, a bum, a … If you are different from the predominant culture/economic status/religion/etc. you are a target for potential harm.  What better way for you to get harassed than put on a dress and head to the men’s room.  But there are other reasons that the bathroom controversy is all wrong.

If you have decided to live full time as a woman, I guarantee that you are on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  In this therapy male to female patients are given estrogen, a female hormone; an anti-androgen, a testosterone blocker; and possibly a dash of progesterone, also acts as a testosterone blocker.  Let’s break these down individually.

Estrogen promotes the growth of breasts, makes your derriere rounder, gets rid of the male oily complexion, makes the skin softer, and tells the pituitary gland that you have enough sex hormones and reduces testosterone levels.  A side effect is sex drive is reduced.

Anti-androgens (testosterone blockers) shut down the remaining testosterone to negligible levels.  Anti-androgens are also given to men to take away sexual function completely.

Progesterone acts as a mild anti-androgen and promotes nipple development.

To summarize, if you are on any of these, your testosterone levels are low, if you are on estrogen and an anti-androgen your testosterone is basically non-existent.  What happens when men get older and their testosterone levels fall?  They can’t get it up!  There is a huge medical and supplement industry making money off of replenishing testosterone in men and reversing impotency and making them feel like teenagers again.  The Trans crowd doesn’t want any part of the T-word (testosterone), they want to get rid of it.  If the people fighting to use the women’s restroom have very little testosterone, likely can’t get it up in the first place, and have a lowered sex drive, why are we so afraid of this?  Lack of knowledge and understanding is the only answer.

My final point to make is that in much of the world there is a just a restroom.  Males and females enter together to do the most non-sexual act of expelling waste.  Only in America could we sexualize even the most disgusting of activities just because it is expelled from the same vicinity.

Oh, and we promise to leave the seat down.